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What is Joomla?

Joomla! is an easy-to-use, flexible and extendable content management system (CMS) which allows for the rapid development of simple to complex websites.
K2Joom offers a comprehensive web hosting and support platform for Joomla CMS.

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Joomla! Hosting Platform

We can provide optimised cloud servers which are built specifically for Joomla.
By fine-tuning MySQL and Apache, Joomla websites hosted on our platform perform noticeably faster than other hosting providers.
If you need more server resources for your site we can easily help you scale up by adding our Compute Booster


Leading Technical Support

We provide direct technical support to our clients, with additional support direct from our hosting provider, who are also highly trained with the Joomla CMS. K2Joom has been working with Joomla for 8 years and we've helped hundreds of clients build their online presence. Submit support tickets or call us directly to get help as you develop. We're here to help when you need us.


Innovative Cloud Control Panel

For users that opt to take out direct hosting with CloudAccess, you will get access to the same awesome Cloud Control Panel™ (CCP), which we us.

This is a custom interface used to launch and manage each website you have hosted through us with

The heart of the platform is used to manage and maintain your account, submitting support tickets, set up Cloud Mail and much more.

Simply and easily add new Joomla sites as you need to.

Directly login to your Joomla sites administration panel or login to your sites MySQL database.


Free Joomla! Migrations

If you already have a Joomla website at another hosting provider or on a local host, we'll migrate the site into our network absoutely free of charge with any Standard or Business Plan. We'll even help with things like DNS changes to ensure that you're successfully set up on our platform and ready to continue developing.

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Development Packages

All clients which we develope websites for, will be put on to the Personal Plan as standard.
You can choose to upgrade any free account to a paid plan at any time.
All hosting plans can be purchased through us or directly with
We provide the same level of support as CloudAccess, but sue to timezones, our response times are inline with the UK and Europe.

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