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Joomla 1.6 - Installation

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So, Joomla! 1.6 was finally released on 10th January 2011 and we wanted to get our hands on it an play, go grab a copy.joomla_download

You will need to consider where you will set your installation on your server.
For demo sites, we have chosen to create a "demos" folder within the root of our server, this will contain individual folders for each demo installation we create.

Once you have decided on your installation directory, you will need to upload the Joomla_1.6.0-Stable-Full_Package.zip file to that location using your favourite FTP software or maybe using cPanel if your host provides you with it.

Please Note 1: That as Joomla evolves, the package name of the .zip file will change.

Now that you have the .zip in your installation directory, you will need to unzip the contents.


Please Note 2: Depending on the FTP software, you may need to unzip the contents before uploading.

OK, so at this stage we have downloaded the installer, uploaded and extracted the contents, we are ready to start the installation.

In your web browser, enter the URL for your installation, this could be in the form of:



Remember to append installation to the end of the URL so that it will load the index.php located within it.
Once you have that entered, hit enter and you will be presented with the following screen.


Select the language that you wish to use and click next.



Following the on screen information and check you don't have any red No in the first section, then click next.



Take time to read the license information, may seem boring but important to know, then click next.



At this point, we need to enter some database information, maybe you have already set this up, but we have left this detail until this point as an easy reminder that it needs to be done. If you have not setup a database, then you will need to do so now before you proceed. We are not going to cover how to set up a database in this guide, there are plenty of tutorials on the Internet that can assist.
If you have got your database setup, then you need to enter the relevant information in to the required fields, then click next when you are ready.



On this page, you can enter ftp details but it is not essential, you can just choose to skip this and proceed to the next stage by clicking next.



On this screen, you can enter a name for your site, plus, in the advanced settings you can enter some meta data, this can be added later.
Enter an email address, which will be used for admin contact.
Enter an admin name and password which will be used to access the administrator (backend) of the site. We have not tested this yet, but in 1.5 admin was always the default.
Finally, you can choose to install sample data if you want to. If you dont, then there will be no content on the site when it goes live so we chose to install it. Click next.



That's it, we are done, almost.
As this screen says, you now need to go and delete the installation directory from your server to proceed. Please ensure you do delete the correct directory.
Once you have completed the deletion, then you can click on either the Site or Administrator links.
If you click on Site, you can then still access the admin side by simply adding /administrator to the end of the URL in your address bar.

So what happens when you click on Site?

Want to see what the front-end of Joomla! 1.6 looks like, then click the button below.

   Our Live J!1.6 demo



And if you click on Administrator?
Simply enter the user name and password that you enter in the Main Configuration and click Login and enter the world of the Joomla 1.6 back-end.


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