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Joomla! Web Builder

I have been building websites for international organisations using Joomla! for over 5 years, utilising extensions from the leading Joomla! developers to extend the sites functionality.  Catering for bloggers, charities, start ups and small businesses.

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K2 Specialist

I wrote all the original and official K2 support documents, K2 tips and K2 tutorials which have helped and trained thousands of users to work with K2.
K2 template design and customisation is my speciality, to produce unique layouts to make your K2 views stand out from the crowd.

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The Full Web Package

From small seeds, great things will grow, the same is true for your website.  
I can provide a competitively priced web package that includes the Domain Name to Web Hosting, including Email, through to design and training. 

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Adding Context to Messaging

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The whole process of designing my website through to launch was a smooth and stress free process. Competively priced and great friendly service makes this a company I can happily recommend.

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